Pink Whatsapp Download

Download Pink Whatsapp Apk

Do you want to get the customized version of simple server whatsapp? If yes, click on the link to get the pink whatsapp, the latest version of the central server WhatsApp. Here great features are available to get more opportunities to chat privately and make privacy strong. Get the messages that are deleted for everyone. The images that are deleted for everyone are not deleted for you, and you can access them easily. Tin addition to all of these, darks mode is also available here. To make privacy strong, hide the second tick.

Pink whatsapp features:

  • Off internet feature

In this whatsapp, the internet can be turned off with just a single click. After turning off the internet, messages have yet to be received. Calls are also unavailable after putting the WhatsApp internet on the Off mode.

  • Hide options

Here you can hide specific options. The options that can be hidden to make privacy strong are covert recording, hiding typing, hiding online even if you are online, and many more here. After hiding the recording, the recorder’s receiver will not know that you are recording the audio. Hide the typing feature to improve security. 

  • Get deleted status

The status updates that are deleted after updating them on the status are kept for you. Videos updated on the quality and deleted after the update are also downloadable. By downloading the deleted status video, update your status and send them on any social media platform.

Incredible Traits:

  • To send the message at a particular time, you should schedule the message. After planning note, it will be dispatched at the time set while preparing a statement.
  • The main feature of this version of whatsapp is that there is a floating option here by which you can reach specific WhatsApp features fastly.
  • Forward unlimited messages here with any tag that is used for the letters that are being forwarded
  • Unlimited themes are also available here to make the chat display beautiful. Go to the setting to get various pieces and apply them to get a lovely view of WhatsApp.

Pink whatsapp file info:

  1. The full name of this app is pink whatsapp
  2. It has been updated with the latest version of v2.0
  3. The app size is 24.1MB 
  4. To run the app file, no root is required.
  5. It is related to the communication genre.
  6. To run it on an android device, you must have an android version of 4.4
  7. It is free to drive and readily available on the play store.