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Temporarily Banned Accounts 

People need the best communication app with exciting functionality. Still, when you click on a fake version and download it on your android device, some fake websites provide just app assistance. Some are given below for our trustworthy user information, Plus, Go, GB, YO, GB, OG, Prime, Plus, and another fake version then automatically bans your account. Then our company is not responsible because you downloaded a fake version, so you need to download the Pink WhatsApp site, all secure, fast, and modded applications without any charges. We wish for good, but many bummers of this app in the market need to be fixed. Only user MB is wasted. Although we may allow hyperlinks to quality sites, we are not responsible for them. 


User satisfaction is important to us, and we must obtain a privacy policy for all users when they download apps on the Pink WhatsApp site. 


As soon as the changes happen in the apps, first of all, through a message, they should update to get acquainted with the new features on Pink WhatsApp.