Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Above all, we value our customers and do not share their privacy policy with any third party. You, it is included in our activities. We collect it from different stages and evaluate all new users, so all sites collect these things under the other names. When you download our visit, any website appears with a cookies option. You click the accept than those websites manage all your personal information where you live, mean user location, country name, phone number, emails which work on your devices, internet services provider, internet protocol, web browser names, and much more information but these all thing collect all site but user don’t these process because it a different strategy to manage with other terms and different places because some arrange these prices when coming in any website, some are arranged in when you need your application on your devices these all have a different process. 

Online Privacy Policy 

When we collect user data just used in online activities, our policy is to order online devices data; otherwise not need offline devices because we analyze all these steps for the visitor, including the number and much more thing these steps apply to all hosting websites owners we not only apply on for use without any hesitation agree to our privacy policy even if you check in-depth very beneficial for the user and website owner because we match user interest in which things and what thing want so that reason all site are arranged cookies step. 

Children Information 

Our company does not collect child personal information under 14 years of age, and even though we know when collecting identifiable data, we understand fourteen years of age, child personal information is not contained. Suppose the child’s parents look at our company in a mistake order. In that case, you’re under ages child identifiable data collection, and we inform child-parent contact us in one message. We are responsible for removing your child’s personal information. We do not include this information in online activities. We advise our duty in a misunderstanding condition; otherwise, our company knows this work. 

Our Privacy Update

If there are changes within the apps, users are notified through a message to update them and get introduced to new functionality. The privacy policy also keeps changing, so all users receive a message on the Pink WhatsApp site. Some change these privacy policy rules. We immediately inform all trustworthy users with emails. 

Cookies & Web beacons

It’s trivial anyways. Everyone has cookies installed on their site. Their main purpose is to collect data that helps us to improve our sites with our interactions without worrying about another user. Yes, please be aware that our company will not be held responsible in case of any loss or profit. We only want all user benefits. You will be well aware that all hosting companies do this. You know, all websites include some functions for collecting user data for analyzing want to attract users, make want to traffic and users on the site so that you, without any hesitation, accept all cookies Pink WhatsApp because it’s part of the privacy policy. 

Google Doubleclick DART Cookies 

Only google can access our Pink WhatsApp site; no third party can access it. So the reason Google double clicks are called DART cookies is that we don’t give any third-party permission to reach our site, in which our all-user privacy policy saves identifiable data much more. When you collect this information from all users worldwide, use our company as an analysis. I want more user interaction, not sharing any person and their party.